Weekly Workouts

For those of you who have been following me awhile you might remember my little quad injury preventing me from running and continuing my half marathon training. Well that has led me to some pretty great discoveries in the fitness department, so in honor of that I thought I would share my weekly workouts from last week!

Monday: I tried out the 100 Pilates inspired workout from Heather at HousewifeGlamour, boy it had me sweating from home.
45 minute spinning

Tuesday: 5 mile run with intervals

mile 1: 6.8 speed

mile 2: Hill intervals

mile 3: Sprint Intervals

mile 4: Progressive mile

mile 5: cool down

Boxing class: Included warm ups, and strength training circuits

Wednesday: 45 minute spinning

Thursday: 5 mile run, same as Tuesdays

20 minutes of random lifting following the sequence of arm, leg, ab and repeat

Boxing: strength training circuits, ending with 3 minute, 2 minute, 1 minute and 30 second boxing rounds

Friday: 45 minute spin class, 15 minutes of lifting

Saturday: I did a Daisy Duke legs inspired workout

10 minute treadmill warm up (walk to jog)

3×20 Squat hold with dumbbell rows
3×15 lying tricep extensions
3×12 reverse lunges (per leg)

8 minute run

3×18 lunge hold with bicep curls (per leg)
3×18 sumo squat hold with lateral front raises

8 minute run

x20 incline sit ups
3×12 front lunges (per leg)3×18 opposite leg and arm extensions (per side)

8 minute run

This was a killer workout, I was defintely sore the next day, my quads and glutes especially!

Sunday: Soccer game

I wanted to link up for Marvelous In My Monday because finding my love of boxing class has been outstanding :) If you haven’t tried it I highly suggest you get out there and do it :)

marvelous monday
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    1. Oh me too! The boxing classes are more circuit training but we do get to do pretend matches with the bags for part of the class and those are by far my favorite! I can’t wait for some kick boxing days!

    1. Oh it so is great for accountability! I love to write out roughly my workouts for the week on Sundays too! This helps me so much with just getting up and doing them without having to think up a plan or anything :)

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