25 Things

Hi guys! It has been forever since I have posted anything, but hey life just happens right. I have been busy moving and getting set on a second part time job, not to mention setting up for a family garage sale this weekend. To catch you up on my life, I am still trying to find the perfect fit for me job wise, but trying to decide on a grad program in the meantime. I am fully moved into my new place and we now have a semi permanent house guest, to be revealed below… I have been trying out recipes like crazy as well, so hopefully I’ll have some great food related posts coming up for you :) All in all I am just taking one day at a time and living life, and hopefully I can get back into my blogging self because I miss you all! It’s also Thursday so I am linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday with 25 things you didn’t know about me!

Thinking Out Loud

1.I am happiest when… I am out and about doing something active

2. Especially if it… involves a soccer ball!
3. I’ve always wanted to… eat my way through Italy ☺
4. My family and I… are pretty dysfunctional but close and I don’t know what I would do without their support

5. I was a terrible… singer and still am I am just less embarrassed now and embrace it!
6. My first job was… a waitress at Donatoes.. Never again!
7. I could probably… take a nice long (were talking multiple hours) nap right now, leading right into my bed time
8. I stole … my sisters cat mmuuahhh (just kidding I am just borrowing him ;))

9. I was born on the same day as… Pink and Wiz Khalifa to name a few (may or may not have had to look this up).
10. My all-time favorite film is… Forrest Gump. I have seen this maybe 100 times, yes I know the lines to pretty much the whole movie now haha
11. I do a pretty mean… spin on some cream cheese brownies

12. I’m still mad… that we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite comedians… Jumanji is still one of my childhood favorites
13. I met my husband… well considering I don’t even have a boyfriend I am going to go with I just haven’t found that perfect guy to put up with me yet !
14. I always knew I wanted… a puppy, and hopefully in less than a month one will be laid on my doorstep… birthday present please mom and dad!

15. I’m not afraid to… go skydiving, now if I could just find the funds and a friend who feels the same way haha
16. I make the best… desserts! I am known as the dessert lady in my household.
17. I have almost no… um height! I am so incredibly short it is outrageous!

18. I always cry when… I watch Marley and me! Although such a great movie so sad to see someone say goodbye to a life long friend.
19. I’m (now)… A fitness enthusiast. I love trying all things fitness related from cycling to yoga to crossfit and my new obsession boxing!
20. I spent 12 years… playing soccer and it still continues today because you can never give up your first love right!
21. I wish my folks… had lived in Florida when I was growing up haha
22. At 5, I was deeply in love with… Cardboard boxes. I loved to run around in ones that were my body size. Yes I was not hard to please in the toys category.
23. I believe if we all used technology less… We would have not lost how to communicate making me a little less socially awkward haha
24. I can’t stand… slow walkers! Especially when I am on the go and someone walks slow and stops right in front of me! Rude!
25. Whenever Friends or Sex and the City is on… My day is made! Binge watching time!


  1. WE missed you! I was so excited when you commented yesterday. How is the new place? You need to come and visit me so that you can make us cream cheese brownies, we can watch Forrest Gump (my husband’s fave movie), and we can go skydiving–Alex and I were talking the other day (after watching someone bungee jump) about how we think that we would do it. I love love love love soccer too–I would say that it was my first (gentle love) but horses were my first deep love. Soccer was the last thing that I gave up before I went full-riding. Every time that I see Bend it with Beckham, I get out a soccer ball and pretend….

    1. Oh I am loving my new place! It is perfect, now the neighbors could use some work but doable :) And umm yes! I could love to make you guys brownies in exchange for movie time and some sky diving friends! I can’t wait to finally get to experience it! And yes I totally agree with the Bend it like Beckham, luckily I still get to play every sunday, so so spoiled haha!

    1. Ahh I remember! It was such a cute post, one of the reasons I decided against a pod cast though haha those answers were pretty hard to come up with, you did great though my whole pod cast would have been me saying umm :)

  2. I heard a totally horrible(but sorta funny joke about Jumanji and the late Robin Williams.. i forget how it went but ended with hes not dead hes just waiting till the dice read 5 or 8..

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