Inspiration Through Song

It’s Thursday and since I have missed quite a few weeks of Thinking Out Loud Thursday I am so excited to get to just spill out all that has been on my mind. To learn more about Thinking Out Loud head on over to Running With Spoons. Thanks Amanda for hosting!

Thinking Out Loud

I have a lot to say today but in all honesty one topic in particular is sticking out to me… That topic came from a song. I was just driving home from work one day listening to some country music like I always do and the song This by Darius Rucker came on. If you haven’t heard it check it out below.

This song really spoke to me. Ever since I have graduated college I have felt a bit lost. With not only where my life is going, but who I am and what I want. We all think we have a plan and we have things figured out. From the career path we want to go down, where we want to live, where we want to work, who we are dating, or who we are married to. Some of us even have a life plan, from point A to point B. I think we think that we are supposed to come up with a plan. You know it is kind of what we are taught growing up. We are to go to Preschool, then we enter grade school, and continue through high school until we choose a college to go to. During college we choose a major that will then lead us to our future occupation. I mean it sounds simple, and easy right?

I think once I actually graduated I realized that life is not that simple. It is not about following a plan or doing “what we are supposed to do.” I mean after writing this out, who in the world would  want their life planned out for them, I mean it sounds kind of boring, never being spontaneous or always knowing what is coming next.

The song talks about how everything in life that has happened good and bad has led him to this time in his life. It really spoke to me I guess. I may not have everything figured out yet and I may not be where I want to be, but knowing that God has plan has been such a wonderful and inspiring thing. Recently I had interviewed for a job and well I didn’t get it for a lack of experience, but when my mom said “You didn’t want it anyways”, that is when I realized that, hey you weren’t meant to get that job and not getting that job is going to lead you to something that is going to make you even happier than getting it!

So today sit down and be happy about your disappointments. Whether you are going through a job search, job loss, break up, heck even an injury just remember that it is going to lead you somewhere you are meant to be, or with someone you are meant to be with. And just remember that all those bad times in life you have gone through have lead you to be who you are and have those wonderful people you love in your life right now, because it all led you here to this :)


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  1. Isn’t Darius Rucker awesome? His voice is so melodic and I love the feel to all of his songs. This one is no exception and I think it has such a good meaning to it. Life is a journey and all the setbacks we experience just are part of the road!

  2. Something that always helps me in moments of self-doubt like that is remembering that no matter where I am in life, it’s where I’m supposed to be. There is SO much in life that we can’t control, and while that may be a frightening thought at first, it’s actually quite liberating and takes a big weight off our shoulders. I think the best thing we can do is take the positives from every experience, and learn the lesson from even the bad ones. I don’t really think it’s possible to screw up in life — it all depends on the attitude you approach it with.

  3. No joke – whenever I read your blog I feel like it’s me talking. Haha I know you’ve commented the same thing on mine as well it’s just so interesting! It’s all such a cliche but everything you said is true. In theory of course I don’t want my life to be planned but man it’s so much easier and less painful that way. These years are scary and I’m glad we can connect and help each other through them. Great post!

  4. I LOVE Darius Rucker – his voice is amazing and his songs always give me the chills. I felt the same way for a while after college (and 3 years later still kind of do). Luckily, it does get easier and you do start to find your way a little more. Like you said, it’s easy to have get stuck in the cycle of always having a plan, then when you graduate you almost lose that plan. So much of my identity for so long was as a student, then once I lost that, it was difficult to know what to do. I *think* I’m finally starting to get a handle on this whole adult thing though – I hope so at least!

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