Spartan race giveaway

Hey guys! I have something special for you today! Yes it is a giveaway! It includes a free race entry to a Spartan Race.

spartan race banner

First I wanted to go over a little information on it. Spartan Race for those of you who don’t know is the global leader in obstacle racing. They wanted to come up with a way to give you an idea of what Spartans did. So what is different about their obstacle race? They offer four different levels of courses you can choose from, that way if you aren’t in the best of shape and afraid you couldn’t handle something too difficult you can still participate and feel at ease and if you are up for a real challenge their is a level for you as well!

Since I have never gotten a chance to participate in a Spartan Race before I was skeptical of whether I wanted to advocate the race, but once I looked over their website and saw their mission I was so impressed! Their missions is to get people off the couch, and make fitness fun! So many people decide not to exercise claiming they are not the running type or they don’t enjoy it, but there is bound to be something out there that you find fun that you can be active in. I feel that Spartan Races do just that. With the different levels to choose from anyone would have a blast, and who doesn’t want to go out and feel like a kid for an hour again!? I know I would love to!

And for those of you Ohioians like myself I have great news… Spartan race has found it’s way to Ohio! On October fourth, in Cucumberland, Ohio Spartan Race will host an event at The Wilds. It is a great opportunity to get your family members out and active for a fun day of obstacle course challenges!

I have been given a code for one free entry race, with the raffle below. So get out there and get active while bringing out your inner kid :)

To enter to win a free entry to this race, enter the giveaway by clicking here and entering :)


I also wanted to share a code that will allow you to receive 10% off just enter in SPARTANBLOGGER when you check out :)


I am linking up with Becky over at Olives n’ Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday, so treat yourself to a spartan race and go sign up!

treat yourself tuesday
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    1. Aw I wish! But I just hurt my quad so no running for this girl :( but hopefully in the future, hey maybe if it heals quick I’ll be able to attend the Spartan Race! Because I agree it sure does sound fun!

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