Marvelous In My Moving

Hello blogger friends! I thought I would pop back in on this gorgeous Monday to update you guys on my life, since I have been absent for quite some time!

marvelous monday

I am linking up for Marvelous In My Monday today too! Click on the graphic to learn more about it :)

1. Marvelous In My Monday is officially (and FINALLY) being moved into my new house with my bestie! It has been a long and hard rode but we are finally all moved in and settled!

2. Marvelous In My Monday is revolting back at an injury, half marathon training has been put on hold with a little quad injury, wahhh but it led me to my new favorite workout… Spinning! Why have I not been attending classes since I got home! I went to an early morning Saturday spin class and it might just be sticking, I can’t wait to try out the instructor of the 5:45 am class on Monday!

3. Marvelous In My Monday is the various baking sessions I have had over the past two weeks! Some wonderful recipes I have tried out are banana bread, head over to this girl to check it out! A blackberry jam crumble, I originally wanted these to come out as bars but I was missing some ingredients so a crumble was made! And last but not least this bad boy below, this was not a healthy treat at all but hersey cream cheese brownies, brownies on the bottom, cream cheese mix in the middle, topped with some melted hersey bars. They were a hit!


4. Marvelous In My Monday was puppy sitting this little girl on Friday. She was a great date to the park and so much fun, but she sure did where me out.


5. Marvelous In My Monday is this garage sale find, my dad and I were on a mission to find a coffee table and we found it! For a whopping $10! And the zen garden on top was only $2. It made me a believer in garage sales haha

6. Marvelous In My Monday is a possible job opportunity… It is not perfect but it is so great to have something going, more on this later though.

7. Marvelous In My Monday is this lovely lady returning from vacation. She went up to Michigan for a work trip and caught this! But sadly her phone didn’t work there and a week without my mom was just too much haha, I am a Momma’s girl what can I say.


8. Marvelous In My Monday is my wonderful family and all the help and support they gave me with this move, especially this guy. He helped with my move more than I could even imagine, as much as we disagree with each other I could not be more blessed and happy to call him my dad.

Well that is all I have for you right now. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a marvelous Monday :)

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  1. Congrats on the move!! Moving is seriously so stressful, so glad to hear your all done and set in your new place :)
    And I would love to try spinning!! Sorry you’ve got a bit of an injury though :( I’ve heard great things about spin classes though, so hopefully with some time off and some good spinning, your quad will be back to normal in no time!!

  2. Aren’t garage sales the best?? They’re so fun, and such an awesome way to talk to neighbors or people from your town you wouldn’t normally meet. THOSE BROWNIES. I can’t even. Post the recipe asap pleeeease!

  3. Yay for moving in with your bestie, I bet y’all are having so much fun! Boo for your quad injury, but at least you got to discover a new workout that you enjoy!

  4. Congrats on moving into your own place with your bf! That dog is sooo cute!!! Sorry about the injury too :( I just got approved to start running again today after my foot issues…( I ran a couple times last week though- opps)

    1. Haha that is how I feel! I can’t wait for it to go away I want to get out there and run so badly! But that is so great you just got approved to start again! Enjoy it for the both of us :)!

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