Day: July 2, 2014

Recent Obsession!

Who loves potatoes!? How about those ever so yummy breakfast potatoes? Or about those hashbrowns!? I don’t know about you but hashbrowns are one of my favorite breakfast side dishes but ordering them out they are full of butter, oil and greese and as good as those are, sometimes my body just doesn’t appreciate it! So what do you do when you love something but it hurts your tummy? You modify it! I have a great alternative to those buttery and oily hashbrowns we all love to love and hate to love!


The hashbrown base includes potatoes of course but cut in half! I do love potatoes but I wanted a way to incorporate a variety of veggies into my meal instead of just potatoes so I made a great combination! A couple combinations in fact! But today I wanted to share my favorite combination! I’m sure you will never guess the secret ingredient…… Radishes!



And here is the recipe!

Potato/Radish Hash

half a potato (red potatoes, or gold potatoes)


garlic powder

sea salt/pepper

parsley flakes

coconut oil spray

hashbrowns 2

Shred the potatoes and radishes (I used a salad shooter), spray a skillet with coconut oil spray and cook on medium heat. Season to taste with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and parsley. Cook until tender. I serve mine with some ketchup, but they are delicious plain too :)

I am linking upĀ  for WIAW today to share this wonderful savory recipe!