Hot Yoga

I have finally jumped or rather stepped on the bandwagon and tried out Hot Yoga. I have been reading about it in the blogging world for awhile now, and in all honesty I couldn’t wait to try it. So I talked my sister into joining me for a class this past weekend. I decided to try out Bikram Yoga studio in Columbus, they had a 9:30 am class which worked perfectly with our schedules, seeing as I had to drive 45 minutes to get there.

We got there a half hour early, not knowing what to really expect. We signed up and then decided not to enter the hot room until about 10 minutes before class (that is what the instructor suggested). My expectations for Hot Yoga was to get my sweat on and get a nice deep and good stretch while I was at it. I was hoping to come out feeling relaxed.

I quickly realized after entering the hot room that sweating would not be an issue. We just sat down and got used to the heat for the first 10 minutes and I was already dripping! No wonder they tell you to bring a beach towel to go over your mat.

We attended a 90 minute class with about a 5 minute break in the middle of the class. I honestly didn’t really notice the heat for most of the class, I was more concentrated on doing the poses correctly and to the best of my ability. The first part of the class seemed to last forever, but the second part was moved so much more quickly and it went by in a flash. My favorite part of the class had to of been the end, where we practiced savasana and got a cold wet towel to cool us off. It was so peaceful and refreshing.

All in all I did like the class, but the instructor was not my favorite. He tended to be a little overbearing, and at times reminded me of an auctioneer. Not exactly what I was expecting and didn’t help me clear my mind or relax much. I think next time I try it I will either try a different instructor or maybe a different studio.

I am so glad I got to try it out and see what all the hype was about!

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  1. yes!!! i’m hooked on yoga, hot or not. i saw the title of your post and got really excited to read your thoughts on it. i agree -the instructor completely makes or breaks the class. i spent a lot of time finding the ones that i liked and it was worth it to “shop around” and find what works for you. i hope you try it again!!

  2. Good for you! I love hot yoga. Bikram can get a bad rap, but I think that it all depends on the studio. Yes, it is regimented and structured and long, but that is part of what is great about it. I wish you were near me–I would take you to my studio. I think that you would love it! But keep at it–you’ll begin to notice a serious difference, especially in you acclimation to summer weather!

    1. Ahh I wish I did too! I am thinking of trying the studio out again just with a different instructor! I need someone to make me calm down and slow down in life haha

  3. Sounds like you had a super interesting experience! The closest I’ve gotten to hot yoga is stretching in my old gym’s shower hahah ;). I’m sorry the teacher was overbearing, but at least you got to try something new!

  4. It seriously makes me feel so good inside and out! I need to start back at it again. Even though running, heck even walking, through Philly in the summer is pretty much a hotbox in and of itself haha

    1. Oh I feel like! It has been so hot in Ohio too! Not to mention that sticky humid feeling! You could totally just go outside and do some yoga and call it hot yoga lol

  5. I’ve only done hot yoga a couple times but I loved it! I just can’t afford it all of the time right now!

  6. I’ve tried bikram yoga and I really liked it. I went there twice last year and had two different instructors and that made all the difference. I think it’s amazing how the heat makes you strech longer and better. I anticipated to be well rested after class but I was bushed. After the first time I went straight home and took a nap :-D I would love to integrate it in my regular workout regime but it’s too far from home. I need to drive there for an hour at least :-/

    1. I was surprisingly refreshed, I jumped home and got in the shower and then ate some watermelon and my oh my it was pure bliss haha! But I know what you mean the studio I went to was an hour away too and it just doesn’t seem worth it!

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