High Protein Oats Recipe

I have found the perfect little creation of carbs, protein, and fats to fuel yourself for the morning! These oats are hot and satisfying perfect for the cold winter months that are upon us. The texture is cake like. These oats are also versatile; you can change the flavors, fruits, nut butters, sweet, and savory, whatever you are in the mood for. They are made out of a simple four ingredients and then the fix ins that you need. Oats, egg whites, fruit and nut butter is all you need! Simple, cheap and healthy who can ask for anything better!

I decided to try out some combinations because I love oats, and even though they do contain protein oats alone are more carb heavy than protein heavy. When I started lifting more again I realized that high protein is what my body needs and craves. It took awhile to find the perfect combination but I finally found it and now I am in love with these egg white oats!

You begin by cooking down the oats; I use water/milk, stevia, and pumpkin pie spice (it is pumpkin season after all). After the oats are cooked down I add the egg whites, I began by mixing them in, but then I just left them alone and let them cook. A crust will start to form and that is when you want to keep stirring. Once the egg whites are completely cooked you empty them in their bowl. I then add the fruit to the pot to warm them up. After they are warm I slide the fruit on top and add a tablespoon of nut butter.

protein oatmeal

2 T oats

4 egg whites

stevia to taste

pinch of sea salt

1 t pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon

fruit to top

1 T nut butter to top

Water to cover the oats when cooking

  1. Cook the oats, water, stevia, sea salt and spices together until oatmeal is cooked.
  2. Add in the egg whites, stirring in as you pour them. On medium heat let sit and cook and stir occasionally. Once the egg whites are completely cooked take off the burner.
  3. Add your fruit then nut butter on top and enjoy!

I have been obsessed with this more cakey like texture! And it packs a killer 21 grams of protein! My perfect after lifting fueling meal! Hope you guys enjoy!

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WIAW  fall into good habits

Don’t Be Intimidated By The Gym

Are you a gym goer? Are you a spinner? Are you a runner? Are you afraid to go to the gym because of the intimidation? Well I am here to tell you don’t be! Intimidation is not a very good excuse to skip out on the gym, because in reality we are not there to judge. I wanted to talk about the gym community today.

Much like the blogging community, you know all the support we give each other, well the gym community is much the same. Going to the gym the first time ever, or even the first time in a couple months can be challenging and just down right scary. It is like you are stepping on a stage to show off how out of shape you have gotten. Is the person judging me for the speed I’m running on the treadmill? Is that guy judging the amount of weight I’m doing? Do I look fat in this workout outfit? Oh the doubts that go through our minds is just ridiculous.

What I love about the gym community is how no matter what you’re doing, how fast you’re running, how long you workout, or how much weight you are lifting people notice you’re there. People notice that hey maybe you’re not in shape but you are one of the few that are trying. You have began the first step and the only way to go from here is up.

My particular gym in general has the most amazing support system. People notice that I’m there every morning at 5am, and they tell me how they envy that! They notice when you are missing. Making the accountability for going to the gym just amazing. They notice you running and invite you to running club. They ask what you’re training for. They really support you! In fact that is how I got my on-calling job, by showing dedication at the gym. People will notice that hard work no matter what!

Now I will get to the point. Don’t judge gym goers. We know just by going everyday how much effort and dedication it takes. Whether you go once a week, every day of the week, or just for 20 minutes at a time just being there shows how you are trying to better yourself. And remember we are there to help, there will be someone you can ask for a spot or help! Don’t be intimidated, join the gym community, you won’t be sorry!

Changes In Life

Changes are just a bite in the butt aren’t they. How do you deal with change? Do you get excited? Stressed out? Like it? Don’t like it? Or a combination of all of the above? There are good and bad things about any life change. But adjusting to change and how you do that can be challenging, whether the change is good or bad. Regardless change, whether we like it or not is part of life. From the moment we are born, to the moment we go to school, change schools, go to college, get a job, move out on our own, get married, have a baby, you get the idea. So how do you deal with?

Dealing with change can be difficult so here are some tips that I use to help me adjust to change in a healthy way:

  • Look at the positives of the situation.
  • Set a goal, for example you got a new job, set some goals on how to make a good impression to your new company.
  • Accept the change and face it, instead of running from it and acting like a change is not in affect, run towards it in full force.
  • Talk about it. Some changes seem to set you back in a way, such as a break-up so talk about it, don’t hold t all in.
  • Find a way to relive the stress that comes with it, but in a positive way like working out, going out with friends, dancing, whatever you feel!


Change just plain sucks but you can make it into a positive change no matter what! Just keep faith in yourself!

Guess That Story!

Hey guys! Today I am joining a link up/blog hop I was graciously invited to! This is all about “Life in Pictures”,

life in pictures

below are some pictures from the last month that I took and your mission is to try to guess what is going on in each picture! It is like blogging backwards! So leave some comments and let me know what the story is behind the picture!

benny and mePicture #1

buckeye cookies

Picture #2

crazy bax

Picture #3


Picture #4

Now it’s your turn to get creative!

Life Lately

Hey guys I just have not been good with getting posts together lately so I wanted to update ya on my life, there are lots and lots of changes going on (hence the lack of writing, well that and this wonderful writers block that is going on). So for starters work has been crazy! I have a different schedule every week, with on calling. Can’t say I am a fan of it, but I have been working a lot more than my usual three days a week which keeps me busy and happy, because busy Hilary is happy Hilary.

happy hilaryWork selfie

Second big news, I’m moving again! Minus the exclamation point. Well my roommate got a job in Cleveland. As happy as I am for her, I’m sad to be leaving my little cosie house. Yep that means I am moving back in with my parents. I guess it is probably a good thing, I will be saving quite a bit of money and my Dad is able to check on Benny more, so that is also nice. Although moving out and moving back within a month makes me kind of sort of feel like a failure, but hey life happens right and we move in and deal with it.

Thirdly Benny has tripled in size. I know I haven’t done an update on him since I got him, but he is now bigger than my torso, almost to big to pick up, and he can now jump on all the furniture. I have been teaching him to run with me and it is going great! I am being cautious with running him (they say they shouldn’t run too much until they are a year old due to growing and keeping their joints looking good!). He has definitely shown he is a momma’s boy who I am not going to complain. And we took our first trip to the dog park tonight and he loved it!

benny and meOh I got my haircut too!

Fourthly remember this post about running a marathon. I have decided about 90% sure (and thanks to some suggestions I received) that I am signing up for the Cleveland Marathon in May. I am giving myself until January, which is the next cut off date for price increase to make it official. But that is what I am leaning towards, that means training starts Feb. 1st!

Last but not least I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 5K! I ran the 15K last year but am running with a friend this year so we decided to do the 5K as a fun run, because running should be fun! I am so excited I absolutely loved it last year (minus the cold and rain). I can’t wait for the expo and oh that chocolate!

chocolate mug

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Don’t Be A Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy. We all know one. Those people that just seem to only bring out the negatives in any situation. They just never seem happy to me. Thinking back I started to realize that I too, lately have been bringing out the negatives. I have been far to hard on myself. From the career front, to the running front to the blogging front I just haven’t been thinking positively! Positivity is so important for our perceptions of ourselves and lets be honest what we think about ourselves is far more important than what others think about us. Here are some tips and tricks I plan on using in order to turn myself back into a Positive Pauly!

- Give yourself credit. Although something bad may have happened or something good hasn’t happened remember the effort you are putting forth. In my life I still haven’t found a full time job, but I am putting effort in, applying for jobs, networking with professionals and I am interviewing. It will come but in the meantime I need to remember the effort I am putting in.

- Bad or good, every situation has a positive, whether the situation results in a positive or a situation teaches you something for the future. For example I lost my phone this past week, on the side walk, in the rain, but luckily someone found it, and thanks to technology I was able to locate it. What did I learn? Always make sure that my pockets are zipped when walking Benny. Also be thankful that I did find it in perfect condition.

- Remember the good times. We all have bad days, weeks, months or even years. But remember the good times. This past week my childhood pet passed away. Instead of being upset she passed I remembered all the laughs she gave us. She used to cry to go to bed as soon as my Mom walked in the door from work and she used to give us quite a chuckle!


To pull this post all together when something negative happens or you have a horrible day try to remember that these days serve a great purpose. Without these days we wouldn’t know what good days looked like. We would just pass each day as the same and isn’t that just boring!


Inspiration has struck! This weekend I was oh just listening to some music (so rare for me lately) and came across the song Secrets by Mary Lambert. Even though I was destined to love the song due to its catchy rhyme, but once I listened to it the lyrics really stuck with me. For those of you who haven’t heard it (although I’m sure you have all heard it by now!) below is the music video! The song is all about not wanting to hide the things that society says is wrong! You all know what I mean, those things that make us different! It really struck home for me! So today I wanted to share my SECRETS! I would love to hear some of yours too :)

  • I am short! Yes I have little stubby legs and arms and my pants are all too long for me.
Shorty in the middle!

Shorty in the middle!

  • My eyes are two different colors! One is more brown and the other more blue! Can ya say freak!
  • I have some grandma looking hands! Wrinkly and skinny and misshapen and I’m only 22!
  • Three of my front teeth are half fake! Yes that is right I chipped my front tooth when I was younger (that story is for another time) and my other two grew in funny!
  • I have been out of college since May and well I am working three part time jobs, not ideal in the slightest but I am working on adulthood!
  • I love and eat everything carb related! Bananas, pumpkin, squash and pretty much any fruit or dark chocolate are my favorites!
  • I have a scary, loud and argumentative family, we never agree on anything but I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else.
  • I’m not always comfortable in my skin, yes sometimes I wish to be or look like someone else, but hey I know I don’t have a thigh gap and never will and I am learning to love every bit of me!

Wouldn’t the world be a much happier and wonderful place if we were told and encouraged to let these secrets out and show the world the things that we are told to keep in, or hide or wish to be someone else. So today I challenge you, stop wasting so much time hiding things about you that aren’t normal and let them shine. Let the whole world know that you aren’t perfect and embrace the good and bad!

Marathon Help!

So lately I have been reading recaps upon recaps of marathons, half marathons, hat trick races, 5K’s, you guys know what I am talking about. Now don’t get me wrong I am not complaining in the slightest bit (my wallet might be though), but it has sparked an interest in me! Thinking back it has been two years since my first half marathon. I loved training for it, well the small bit of training that I did do. I also played soccer in college, and I loved practice and working towards a goal. Right now I workout. I go to the gym and I lift weights, then I do some cardio and don’t get me wrong it makes me feel good! But I miss working towards a goal. I want to train for something. To follow a plan for a reason. So that is why I am pretty set on taking the next step in my running journey. I think after contemplating for a year I want to embark on the marathon!

After reading up on marathon training I think I have the year of prep work under control. I have been running consistently for a year, although lately my mileage has gone down I feel I have about 20 miles a week. But I need your advice! I have read so many of you experiencing the marathon, but I am not sure what is right for me! How long do you train? What is a good program to follow? Any good races you have heard of in Ohio? Have any further advice, like how many pairs of shoes will I need to invest in? Or any good gear suggestions?

I know this is a huge commitment, and obviously I am not wanting to run a marathon in the winter in Ohio so I am shooting for the spring! So let me have it! I would really appreciate your thoughts!

WIAW: Remembered!

It has been forever since I remembered to get my photos for a WIAW, but finally I remembered!

fall WIAW

So here are my eats from Tuesday! I have started to light weights again in the mornings. I am one of those crazy weird kids who like to workout on an empty stomach so I usually don’t eat a pre-workout snack, I choose two breakfasts after. Although I don’t think it is necessary to include protein powder in your diet I find it so much more convenient than making some type of protein. I have been drinking skoop protein powder. It has a cake batter type taste and although I have just been mixing it with water for work it is so nice to make a nice smoothie with the trader joes cherry blend!

Protein drinkPost workout protein drink and an apple!

hard boiled eggs

Breakfast #2: One hardboiled egg and one egg white with a side of roasted spinach and peppers

For awhile I had been not eating the egg yolks. I am not a huge fan of the taste but after coming home from work in need of some food due to my lack of fat content in the beginning of the day I decided it was time to add some healthy fat! So the yolks have been a staple in my diet and the taste is definitely catching on!

chicken and rice

Lunch: Brown rice, chicken and broccoli and the remaining egg yolk mixed with some apple cider vinegar, mustard and sweetener.

I have been loving brown rice lately! With the temperatures getting colder outside I have been wanting to switch up my usual salads to something more comforting and warm and switching to rice was great it tasted like chicken and rice soup just without the broth.

rice cake yogurt

Afternoon Snack: Rice cake with sugar free syrup, half of a black forest yogurt, and two mini pumpkin muffins topped with peanut butter.

I found a wonderful protein pumpkin muffin recipe online and decided to double it to make muffins, well what do you know I only have a mini muffin tin at my house, so mini muffins they are! They are so good, and sadly I missed the link of the recipe I got them from :(

cheesy eggs

Dinner: Egg whites with go veggie cheddar cheese, roasted sweet potato and roasted spinach, peppers, and onions seasoned with chopped garlic.

I have been having lactose problems, my digestive system just seems to hate everything good haha but I finally broke down and bought some go veggie cheddar cheese and my oh my it is delicious!

And since I am in love with nighttime snacks I am sure I will have one but I am calling it a night for social media related things for now, so sorry I won’t be sharing (since I type my posts the night before). With rain pounding it is time for some tea, netflix and entertaining this guy! Have a great Wednesday everyone :)

photo 2

Manitoba Hemp Hearts Review

Today I have a great review for you guys. Through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink I was given the opportunity to try Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts. For the review I was given a nice little bag of hemp hearts. When I had first heard of the product hemp, my first thought was “isn’t that what bracelets are made of?” I had never actually heard of people eating them, nor did I know they were such a super food! So I wanted to start off with a little background on them before I shared the wonderful recipe that I came up with that turned out great with the addition to some hemp hearts!

hemp hearts

So what is hemp? Well hemp is not only food, but as the website states it can be used as “clothing, rope, paper, building materials, animal bedding/herd, plastic, paint, fuel – the list of hemp applications goes go on and on.” So as many of you are probably impressed with hemp being so versatile. But since Harvest Hemp Hearts focus on the nutritional aspect I want to focus on the comparison of hemp hearts to really show what a super food they are. First of all the taste. Hemp hearts have a nutty taste which if you add nuts to everything like I do will make a great addition to your diet! They are a great source of omega with 10 grams per 30 gram serving. They are also a great protein source for vegetarians or anyone as they are a complete protein all on their own. Hemp hearts are also great for getting your magnesium for the day, with 181 mg for 30 grams. The best part is they are completely natural, a raw and whole-food, which is what we should aim to keep in our diet most the time.

If you are interested in learning more about hemp hearts you might love to hear the comparison between them and our beloved chia and flax seeds. I know I learned a lot through the comparison and was pleasantly surprised. Hemp hearts provide a better source of protein with 10 grams, while chia and flax only contain 4 and 5 grams. They are higher in omega with 10 grams compared to 8 grams in flax and 6.5 grams in chia. And for those fitness junkies watching their carbs hemp hearts are low in carbs with only 3 grams while flax seeds contain 8 grams and chia contain 12 grams.

hemp protein

I absolutely loved the hemp hearts and after browsing their website I can’t wait to try out the protein powder they have. If you are interested in purchasing some check out the website using this link. And lucky for us Harvest Hemp was generous enough to offer all of my readers a 20% discount on all products using the code: HHSweatPink but make sure to jump on this opportunity as it expires November 30.

And now for my recipe! I have been loving those energy balls, and who wouldn’t with the base of peanut butter. So here is a peanut butter cup version!

peanut butter balls supplies

1/4-1/3 cup peanut butter
1-2 T hemp seeds
1/4 cup old-fashioned oats
2 REAL peanut butter cups, chopped finely
1 T vanilla protein powder

peanut butter balls

Mix together, make into desired sized balls and then either stick in the freezer or the fridge.