Inspiration Through Song

It’s Thursday and since I have missed quite a few weeks of Thinking Out Loud Thursday I am so excited to get to just spill out all that has been on my mind. To learn more about Thinking Out Loud head on over to Running With Spoons. Thanks Amanda for hosting!

Thinking Out Loud

I have a lot to say today but in all honesty one topic in particular is sticking out to me… That topic came from a song. I was just driving home from work one day listening to some country music like I always do and the song This by Darius Rucker came on. If you haven’t heard it check it out below.

This song really spoke to me. Ever since I have graduated college I have felt a bit lost. With not only where my life is going, but who I am and what I want. We all think we have a plan and we have things figured out. From the career path we want to go down, where we want to live, where we want to work, who we are dating, or who we are married to. Some of us even have a life plan, from point A to point B. I think we think that we are supposed to come up with a plan. You know it is kind of what we are taught growing up. We are to go to Preschool, then we enter grade school, and continue through high school until we choose a college to go to. During college we choose a major that will then lead us to our future occupation. I mean it sounds simple, and easy right?

I think once I actually graduated I realized that life is not that simple. It is not about following a plan or doing “what we are supposed to do.” I mean after writing this out, who in the world would  want their life planned out for them, I mean it sounds kind of boring, never being spontaneous or always knowing what is coming next.

The song talks about how everything in life that has happened good and bad has led him to this time in his life. It really spoke to me I guess. I may not have everything figured out yet and I may not be where I want to be, but knowing that God has plan has been such a wonderful and inspiring thing. Recently I had interviewed for a job and well I didn’t get it for a lack of experience, but when my mom said “You didn’t want it anyways”, that is when I realized that, hey you weren’t meant to get that job and not getting that job is going to lead you to something that is going to make you even happier than getting it!

So today sit down and be happy about your disappointments. Whether you are going through a job search, job loss, break up, heck even an injury just remember that it is going to lead you somewhere you are meant to be, or with someone you are meant to be with. And just remember that all those bad times in life you have gone through have lead you to be who you are and have those wonderful people you love in your life right now, because it all led you here to this :)


Spartan race giveaway

Hey guys! I have something special for you today! Yes it is a giveaway! It includes a free race entry to a Spartan Race.

spartan race banner

First I wanted to go over a little information on it. Spartan Race for those of you who don’t know is the global leader in obstacle racing. They wanted to come up with a way to give you an idea of what Spartans did. So what is different about their obstacle race? They offer four different levels of courses you can choose from, that way if you aren’t in the best of shape and afraid you couldn’t handle something too difficult you can still participate and feel at ease and if you are up for a real challenge their is a level for you as well!

Since I have never gotten a chance to participate in a Spartan Race before I was skeptical of whether I wanted to advocate the race, but once I looked over their website and saw their mission I was so impressed! Their missions is to get people off the couch, and make fitness fun! So many people decide not to exercise claiming they are not the running type or they don’t enjoy it, but there is bound to be something out there that you find fun that you can be active in. I feel that Spartan Races do just that. With the different levels to choose from anyone would have a blast, and who doesn’t want to go out and feel like a kid for an hour again!? I know I would love to!

And for those of you Ohioians like myself I have great news… Spartan race has found it’s way to Ohio! On October fourth, in Cucumberland, Ohio Spartan Race will host an event at The Wilds. It is a great opportunity to get your family members out and active for a fun day of obstacle course challenges!

I have been given a code for one free entry race, with the raffle below. So get out there and get active while bringing out your inner kid :)

To enter to win a free entry to this race, enter the giveaway by clicking here and entering :)


I also wanted to share a code that will allow you to receive 10% off just enter in SPARTANBLOGGER when you check out :)


I am linking up with Becky over at Olives n’ Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday, so treat yourself to a spartan race and go sign up!

treat yourself tuesday

Marvelous In My Moving

Hello blogger friends! I thought I would pop back in on this gorgeous Monday to update you guys on my life, since I have been absent for quite some time!

marvelous monday

I am linking up for Marvelous In My Monday today too! Click on the graphic to learn more about it :)

1. Marvelous In My Monday is officially (and FINALLY) being moved into my new house with my bestie! It has been a long and hard rode but we are finally all moved in and settled!

2. Marvelous In My Monday is revolting back at an injury, half marathon training has been put on hold with a little quad injury, wahhh but it led me to my new favorite workout… Spinning! Why have I not been attending classes since I got home! I went to an early morning Saturday spin class and it might just be sticking, I can’t wait to try out the instructor of the 5:45 am class on Monday!

3. Marvelous In My Monday is the various baking sessions I have had over the past two weeks! Some wonderful recipes I have tried out are banana bread, head over to this girl to check it out! A blackberry jam crumble, I originally wanted these to come out as bars but I was missing some ingredients so a crumble was made! And last but not least this bad boy below, this was not a healthy treat at all but hersey cream cheese brownies, brownies on the bottom, cream cheese mix in the middle, topped with some melted hersey bars. They were a hit!


4. Marvelous In My Monday was puppy sitting this little girl on Friday. She was a great date to the park and so much fun, but she sure did where me out.


5. Marvelous In My Monday is this garage sale find, my dad and I were on a mission to find a coffee table and we found it! For a whopping $10! And the zen garden on top was only $2. It made me a believer in garage sales haha

6. Marvelous In My Monday is a possible job opportunity… It is not perfect but it is so great to have something going, more on this later though.

7. Marvelous In My Monday is this lovely lady returning from vacation. She went up to Michigan for a work trip and caught this! But sadly her phone didn’t work there and a week without my mom was just too much haha, I am a Momma’s girl what can I say.


8. Marvelous In My Monday is my wonderful family and all the help and support they gave me with this move, especially this guy. He helped with my move more than I could even imagine, as much as we disagree with each other I could not be more blessed and happy to call him my dad.

Well that is all I have for you right now. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a marvelous Monday :)

Recent Obsession!

Who loves potatoes!? How about those ever so yummy breakfast potatoes? Or about those hashbrowns!? I don’t know about you but hashbrowns are one of my favorite breakfast side dishes but ordering them out they are full of butter, oil and greese and as good as those are, sometimes my body just doesn’t appreciate it! So what do you do when you love something but it hurts your tummy? You modify it! I have a great alternative to those buttery and oily hashbrowns we all love to love and hate to love!


The hashbrown base includes potatoes of course but cut in half! I do love potatoes but I wanted a way to incorporate a variety of veggies into my meal instead of just potatoes so I made a great combination! A couple combinations in fact! But today I wanted to share my favorite combination! I’m sure you will never guess the secret ingredient…… Radishes!



And here is the recipe!

Potato/Radish Hash

half a potato (red potatoes, or gold potatoes)


garlic powder

sea salt/pepper

parsley flakes

coconut oil spray

hashbrowns 2

Shred the potatoes and radishes (I used a salad shooter), spray a skillet with coconut oil spray and cook on medium heat. Season to taste with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and parsley. Cook until tender. I serve mine with some ketchup, but they are delicious plain too :)

I am linking up  for WIAW today to share this wonderful savory recipe!


Hot Yoga

I have finally jumped or rather stepped on the bandwagon and tried out Hot Yoga. I have been reading about it in the blogging world for awhile now, and in all honesty I couldn’t wait to try it. So I talked my sister into joining me for a class this past weekend. I decided to try out Bikram Yoga studio in Columbus, they had a 9:30 am class which worked perfectly with our schedules, seeing as I had to drive 45 minutes to get there.

We got there a half hour early, not knowing what to really expect. We signed up and then decided not to enter the hot room until about 10 minutes before class (that is what the instructor suggested). My expectations for Hot Yoga was to get my sweat on and get a nice deep and good stretch while I was at it. I was hoping to come out feeling relaxed.

I quickly realized after entering the hot room that sweating would not be an issue. We just sat down and got used to the heat for the first 10 minutes and I was already dripping! No wonder they tell you to bring a beach towel to go over your mat.

We attended a 90 minute class with about a 5 minute break in the middle of the class. I honestly didn’t really notice the heat for most of the class, I was more concentrated on doing the poses correctly and to the best of my ability. The first part of the class seemed to last forever, but the second part was moved so much more quickly and it went by in a flash. My favorite part of the class had to of been the end, where we practiced savasana and got a cold wet towel to cool us off. It was so peaceful and refreshing.

All in all I did like the class, but the instructor was not my favorite. He tended to be a little overbearing, and at times reminded me of an auctioneer. Not exactly what I was expecting and didn’t help me clear my mind or relax much. I think next time I try it I will either try a different instructor or maybe a different studio.

I am so glad I got to try it out and see what all the hype was about!

Spill It Sunday’s- Five Facts

I kind of missed posting yesterday, ahh life got in the way, with ok a not so busy weekend, but a weekend full of reading, relaxing, and new adventures I was just in my own world. So here is Spill It Sunday on Monday! This week was all about 5 facts!

spill it

Five facts about….your family!

  • We are all vertically challenged! I am only about 5 foot, along with my mom, my sister is only 5’2 and my dad is about 5’5.
  • I have an older sister that I am sure you have heard me mention before, and luckily we are best friends! We can go to each other whenever we need to know the absolute truth about anything.
  • A big part of our family is our pets (literally my parents talk to them like they are babies!). So to introduce them, we have two ferrets, Tony and Zola (and yes she is named after Meredith and Derek’s baby on Grey’s Anatomy) and our two cats Sassy and Princess.
  • My grandma is full Italian and makes the best spaghetti sauce I have ever had to date!
  • My sister and I look so much alike often I get mistaken by her just driving around town!

Five facts about…your childhood!

  • My childhood used to revolve around sports! I played t-ball, dance, gymnastics, cross country, track and my one love soccer.
  • Speaking of soccer I traveled to England with my select team and played in a tournament there where we received second place, it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  • This one grosses me out now but I used to be bribed with boiled hot dogs, I loved them! But not grilled they had to be boiled.
  • When I was way younger I was entertained with just a simple box that I could fit into.
  • I played violin from fourth grade all the way through high school, sometimes I wish I would have kept it as a hobby in college.

Five facts about…you + school!

  • I had such a hard time with my hand writing when I was younger, although you wouldn’t know that now.
  • I was always the super speedy girl in gym class who was competitive with the boys.
  • I had a secret admirer when I was younger, who left me a Valentine’s Day gift on my doorstep, little did the little guy know my sister and I were inside watching the whole thing haha.
  • I didn’t really hang out with any of my classmates in high school, they were all from different schools I met on the soccer field.
  • I became best friends with my current best friend as a freshmen in high school, we basically lived at her grandpas the summer before we headed off to college, boy do I miss those days!

Five facts + travel!

  • My first big trip was to England, where I went with my soccer team to play in a tournament, but fun fact while we were there we got to watch a scene from National Treasure 2 being filmed in London!
  • Last year I went over to Germany to visit my then boyfriend, it was beautiful, although I wish I could have seen more!
  • While I was in Germany we got to drive to Paris for a day! The food was amazing! And wine, it was such a fun day and I loved seeing all the sights
    Eiffel Tower
  • One of my favorite places to travel to in the US is California, I almost went to school there, but so far I have gotten to go over twice in the LA area, but I plan on going to San Fran at some time.
  • For my high school graduation I got to go to NYC for the first time! It was one of the busiest but most happening places in the world. I would love to head over there for another visit! I loved how there was always something to do.

Five facts about…your eating style!

  • I absolutely love rotisserie chicken!
  • My favorite food has to be shrimp. It is so delicious and flavorful and the perfect type of meat.
  • I don’t eat red meat at all, a couple summers ago I tried vegetarianism and ever since I just can’t stand the taste of red meat (except pork from Chipotle haha, but I wouldn’t hardly call that a red meat).
  • Ice cream has always been one of my favorite treats! Nothing cures a bad day like a cup of vanilla ice cream.
  • I love almond butter, and usually have at least a tablespoon a day!

So as some of you probably know I have been training for a half marathon for the past three weeks! I wanted to recap some of my training from last week and what’s happening this week!

Last Week’s Training was an easy week, just in time for my sore legs! Since it was an easy week I decided to do some extra cross training just to make sure my body strength was up.

Sunday: 30 minute walk, 80 minute soccer game for fun

Monday: 3 mile run, upper body weights

Tuesday: 30 minute elliptical, full body weights

Wednesday: 3 miles run, lower body weights

Thursday: 30 minute tempo run, 15 minute up-hill walk, abs

Friday: 7 300 meter hill sprints on 4.0 incline, 1.0 mile up-hill walk, some body weights/abs

Saturday: 5-k run, pilates/yoga

This week was great to really readjust and take it easy. I have been keeping track of my running times and have kept my 3 mile runs around 25-26 minutes. The 5-K was supposed to be a race so I had a time of around 24 minutes, but I had some trouble with some blisters.

Next weeks workouts will be a bit more intense and longer, I am hoping to stay consistent and push myself a little more to improve my times a little.

Sunday: 45 minute walk and 80 minute soccer game

Monday: 3 mile run, upper body weights

Tuesday: Insanity video

Wednesday: 3 mile run, lower body weights

Thursday: 40 minute tempo run

Friday: 90 minute run

Saturday: 8×400 at 5k pace


Making Choices

Well  hello there strangers! I have been missing for quite some time I know! I decided to go ahead and take a week off from blogging, although I did still read some posts when I had time, so why did I quit? Well like you all have said before sometimes it is hard to really get a grip and balance on life versus blogging, I mean after all it can be quite time consuming between writing, taking pictures, placing pictures in, setting up all the links and what not. I felt like I was losing my balance and when you lose your balance what better to do than just take a step back and reevaluate. Taking some time off I did really learn some things! I thought they would be helpful for all of you so I’m going to tell ya about them!


1. Taking a break helped me refocus my efforts. Yes I love blogging and yes I love writing but this is the bottom of priorities right now in my life. I have no intentions of making this into a business of some sorts, so it right now anyways is just a hobby. I needed to refocus on what I need to focus on today, finding a job, moving into my house, and really working on myself to find myself and where I fit in and what exactly I want to do with my skills and talents.

2. Be more social. I haven’t been the most social person as of lately. With all the job applying and stressing I haven’t taken time to get out and about (ok it has been hard with my two besties being on vacation the past two weeks). But I need to focus more on my social life starting now, making new friends yes but more importantly connecting with my old friends that I already have established relationships with.

3. This is the most important one but I need to work on my way of thinking of my life on a schedule. I don’t have to work out before work if I feel like sleeping. I don’t have to write a WIAW every Wednesday or a TOL every Thursday or even write a blog post every week. When I feel like doing these things I will and when I really just don’t I won’t.

With that being said you will probably see a lot less posting from me. Not because I don’t love you guys and this community but because I need to be out experiencing life more instead of typing up a post that I really and honestly just don’t feel like getting to all the time. I mean it is summer now right!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and get out there and enjoy life how and when you want to!

Spill It Sunday! Lasts

I am back! With a better explanation tomorrow about my absence! But since I love answering questions and talking about myself (because who doesn’t!) I am linking up with Arman for Spill It Sundays! For those of you who don’t know about Spill It Sunday’s it is a way to get the know the blogger behind the blog, don’t forget to include a selfie as well!

spill it

The last….person you spoke to?

My sister, she gives the best advice and unlike my mom she has an opinion about everything I ask her :)


The last…sweet food you ate?

Jiff Natural Creamy Peanut Butter, yes with a spoon out of the jar, because there is no better way to eat peanut butter.

jiff pb

The last…savoury food you ate?

I had some zucchini slices topped with some spaghetti sauce and moz. cheese! Perfect snack ever!

The last…blog you visited?

Arman’s! Had to copy over my questions for the ever so lovely Spill It Sunday’s!

The last…blog you commented on?

Better With Sprinkles! She had an amazing post about what being healthy means to her! I loved every thing she had to say about it.

The last…recipe you tried out?

Well it is not such a healthy recipe but I tried out an m&m cookie cake recipe out of a cook book I got for graduation!

cookie pie

The last…item you pinned on Pinterest?

Oh goodness I don’t even know the last time I actually did pin something on Pinterest! I am just not a Pinterest person!

The last…TV show you watched?

I am currently watching Twisted as we speak! I am so obsessed with it! So good!

The last…trip you took?

My mom and I went out to Charlotte, NC for a job interview then we went off to Myrtle Beach, SC for a couple days! Beach days are my favorite days!


The last…time you spent money and on what?

Today I bought some new sheets for my nautical themed bedroom and some hair dye because I am turning into a brunette again :)

brunette selfie

WIAW – Mugcake Recipe


So no full day of eats today, instead I want to share with you my new favorite snack! I have changed the flavor up here and there so not sure if I should call it a peanut butter mug cake or a chocolate peanut butter mug cake or cinnamon mug cake, but it is a nice fluffy delicious mug cake regardless! So here you are!

perfected mug cake

1/2 T coconut flour

1/2 t baking powder

1 t p2b

3 T egg whites

2 1/2 T almond milk

4 drops stevia

You can add cinnamon, cocoa powder, chocolate p2b, dark chocolate chips, or whatever you like. Just mix together thoroughly and microwave 2 minutes!