Thinking Out Loud #I am going to find out!

Ok to answer the question you are probably thinking about the title of my post, I just wanted to display my lack of organization these past couple weeks. I have been missing linking up for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays so finally I am taking the time to just let out a big brain fart and get the clutter gone! So that is all I am doing for an introduction so I can just get into this probably ridiculously long list of complaints haha. Thanks to the wonderful Amanda for hosting this glorious day.


1. First of all since I just got to work I wanted to talk about TRAFFIC. I just did a Current post for September yesterday, if you missed it check it out here. But I was totally wrong about the Current Bane to my Existence. TRAFFIC. Yes this is the big one! I never knew how much traffic was created with school being back in session. But I guess when I think about it, not only did high school and below start which creates all the bus and teacher traffic but so did the colleges, which creates a whole other world of students and professors. It now takes me a good extra 20 minutes to arrive at work! It is just plain awful let me tell you. But as long as I do not get hit I guess I should not complain!

2. My hunger has been out of control lately! I feel like I eat pretty well throughout the day and when I get home from work so does the hunger! I sit in my kitchen for a half and hour just snacking on anything and everything! I am not complaining but my bank account is haha.

3. Money. This seems to be the main focus all the time. Can I afford this, should I buy this, should I go to this. Don’t you guys ever wish that money was not the main focus on life. That money was not one of the things we needed to survive I know I sure wish it wasn’t because worrying about having enough to pay bills and buy groceries and finding a job to support a lifestyle is ridiculously stressful!

4. So you all probably know I am a schedule person. Well this whole three jobs things is not working with my whole schedule mentality. I like structure, but without it, I am so so worn out. I feel like I have to write everything down because every day is different! Well hopefully I will find something more permanent in the future so I can get back to my normal schedule self!

5. Crossfit. Yes I headed over and did another crossfit workout. I want to save this for another post but it was endurance based and although I am a runner I am pretty dang sore from it! I just love the community of it and having people to push me to go faster and be better!

6. Fall is approaching people! Only four days left of summer! I am so excited to be able to walk in the store and have pumpkin special edition everywhere, but I wanted to do a challenge to try a new pumpkin product each week! So who is with me?! It is only around for a couple months after all!


Well I think that is all my brain can muster after my morning yoga and cardio and that dreaded drive. I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday! And don’t forget to go check out everyone’s else brain explosions !

Currently September edition

In all honesty I have been having quite the writers blog, or should I just say distraction lately. I seem to get part of a topic down that is weighing on me and then I get totally distracted and never finish the post, or just reread the disorganized writing and throw it out. So instead of struggling to get something down I decided it was time for a currently post because who doesn’t love those in the middle of the month!

Current Book: The only thing I have currently been reading is the latest Cosmo and all of your wonderful blogs. What can I say I can’t even write let alone take the time to read a whole 100+ book!

Current Music/Song: I am going to totally follow the crowd and go with Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. I have loved her music from the beginning and actually went to one of her concerts a couple years ago but this song is a favorite! It is so catchy and I love the beat, perfect to add to a workout play list.

Current Nail Color: Well considering it’s Ohio State football season I had to have a red color but with it not quite technically being fall I have been using a coral color, goes perfect with my jersey and is perfect for this transition of seasons.

Current Drink: This is a bit more like breakfast but I have been loving the Herbalife Cookies n Cream nutritional shakes. I have been mixing it with Skoop protein powder and my oh my is it delicious !


Current Food: Pumpkin anything and everything! I already have some pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin pancakes on the list to try out this week!


Current Obsession: I am going to go with homemade pumpkin spice lattes. I love my coffee and add a little extra to it my oh my it truly helps me love fall and the cooler temps.


Current Wish: That I would win the lottery haha, pretty dang good wish right.

Current Need: I would love a new microwave, sadly out 30 year old microwave (yes it was older than my roommate and me!) took a dump on us Friday so we currently are heating water up for tea the old fashioned way.

Current Triumph: Becoming a Herbalife wellness coach. I love helping people and I love educating people about health and nutrition and while I am broke and could never start a business at this point in my life this felt like the next step and I am so happy to be apart of this wonderful company.

herbalife logo

Current Bane of my Existence: This recent wave of being tired all week. I have been getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night but yet every Saturday I am so exhausted from the week I take an hour nap, so unlike me!

Current Indulgence: Harvest Pizza. There is a great pizza place I have discovered in Columbus called Harvest Pizza. It is located in German Village for those of you who live in Ohio and I must say it is amazing! They offer gluten free crusts too! I can’t wait to get to go back on Saturday for some more!

harvest pizza

Current Procrastination: Studying for the GRE. I decided that I would like to go back to school to my graduate degree but studying for the GRE seems to been set on the back burner!

Current Blessing: Benny. Although he can be a pain in the butt since he isn’t house trained yet I still love coming home to this hyper pup! And since my roommate hasn’t been home much he sure has kept me company!


Treat Yourself Tuesday – Great Product Line

Ok so I hate to be one of those annoying people that constantly talk/blog about the thing I am selling but I have to tell you as a customer how much I have been treating myself to herbalife products!

herbalife logo

I have been starting my morning with some of the herbal tea concentrate. It is easier than coffee, just heat some water and add 1/2 t of tea mix and you have yourself an energizing and light drink! I can’t say I will give up coffee but waking up on Saturday morning feeling dehydrated it was perfect! I was not craving that creamy milky taste of my coffee with almond milk and I still got a nice energizing start to the day with the tea! So yummy in lemon too :)

herbal tea concentrate

Secondly I have been loving the nutritional shakes for breakfast! On Friday morning I wanted to introduce the shakes to my sister and we tried out Core Nutrition in Downtown Newark. We both got the Pumpkin shakes and it was like Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie! Not to mention this kept me full until around 1! I also got to try the Cookies n’ Cream flavor packet, so easy as they come pre-mixed with the nutritional shake and the protein powder! It reminded me of the Quest Cookies n’ Cream bars :)! I also have Dulce De Leche! It is like a caramel delight :) I just can’t believe how great the tastes are for breakfast! Anyone who loves sweet breakfast I highly suggest you try it out!

herbalife nutritional shake

Thirdly which I just order is the Aloe Concentrate. I haven’t tried it on a regular basis, but I just ordered it. I am hoping it not only helps hydrate me in the morning before my workouts but also helps with my digestive problems, because it’s worth a try right!

aloe concentrate

The best part about this stuff is it’s so simple and easy! I love that it takes a matter of minutes to make, and it has helped so much with the time I have been dedicating to my puppy! Because Benny needs all the attention right :)

Since this stuff is my new favorite products I am linking up for Treat Yourself Tuesday! Thanks Becky for hosting this lovely link-up :)

treat yourself tuesday

Puppy Filled Weekend Recap

I normally am not all about weekend recaps but this weekend was so packed and busy I just had to write one up for ya guys!


Friday started off with a morning spinning class like usual and then a quick arm workout. I went to work at my second part time job, then afterwards took a quick trip to walmart to grab some things to made Lexi’s Clean Kitchen Pumpkin cookie cups! They turned out fabulous by the way :) But this weekend my sister was headed to a wedding so Raja (the Princess) was coming for the weekend. Yes the whole weekend! For those of you who have dogs you know how much time it takes to train one puppy but having two around was pretty exhausting. They of course were super hyper from being in their cage all day so the fighting and running around began. I managed to make the cookie cups and a quick dinner while they were running around but other than that I was either cleaning up a pee mess on the carpet or taking them outside once an hour! I was pooped! By dinner time my parents stopped by for a visit or rather to help calm them down and before I knew it, they were exhausted and napping… Finally some peace and quiet! After this I pretty much put them to bed and went to bed myself.


After a 4:45 am wake up bathroom break for the pups, I went back to sleep and was up again at 6:30am. I grabbed myself a cup of coffee to relax a little before I was back at the gym for my favorite instructors spin class at 7:15. I added in a little ab work and stretching before I headed back home. After it took me two hours to get them ready and myself I finally was able to make an epic smoothie! It was a cookies and cream cheesecake herbalife shake! So so delicious. My mom came by to pick us up for a morning walk, hoping to ware them out a little. We headed to a park and walked to a farmers market. Well taking two adorable puppies left us talking to someone new every couple seconds. Literally people were taking pictures of us while we were walking to the end of the market. Finally after getting some tomatoes and honey crisp apples (which are AMAZING) we made it back to the car 3 THREE HOURS LATER… It was pretty exhausting for me haha.


Now being from Ohio I am a huge OSU fan so I parked my butt on the couch for the osu football game. Luckily it was a blow out because I passed out for the last hour of the game. The rest of the day was spent playing with the pups oh and a new phone for this girl. I was going to pre-order the iphone 6 but decided to go with the 5C instead. It just didn’t seem worth the extra money. So I got yellow to go with my bright personality :) haha.

iphone 5c

Sunday morning I slept in for me until 7:15! I headed out for a 5 mile run the morning. It wasn’t my best run but I did feel great afterwards. Having both the puppies I just hung out at home all day. I got to read some blogs, made some spaghetti sauce and tried out some tempha for the first time. I have to admit I am a huge fan already. The puppies played and fell asleep, then Raja headed home. As soon as this happened you better bet I moped my floors (OCD alert, right here!). Then got some laundry done, finished meal prep for the week and it was time for a movie and bed.


With a long week ahead I am already counting down the days until I am home Friday from work and relaxing with my number one guy! Have a great week everyone and a great Monday. And because it is Monday and I had a Marvelous Weekend I am linking up with Katie for Marvelous In My Monday.

marvelous monday





Friday Favs #2

Sorry for my absence but my monster decided to chew through my computer charger cord. So I have been anxiously awaiting UPS to deliver a new charger! The reunion with my computer has been glorious! Although the last couple days I have been enjoying the lack of computer time that has been spent on some walks with the monster :) I enjoyed participating in Friday Favs last week so I thought I would do it again!

friday favs

- I have been loving my little monster Benny and just had to include him on my Friday favs. In fact we have been enjoying a cup of tea and a movie, preferably Marley and Me. Yes I have already made him a lover of the movie !


- My new smoothie creation! Yesterday for breakfast I made a smoothie with one scoop dulce de leche and one scoop cookies and cream herbalife nutritional shake mix, with 1/2 scoop of skoop protein powder and 1/2 t of sugar free cheesecake pudding mix. I don’t even have a description or name for this but it was amazing! And if anyone is interested in herbalife let me know :)


- Everybody Loves Raymond has been my drug of choice lately. This show is hilarious and perfect to wind down at night until I fall asleep.

- I hate to seem food obsessed but I have been obsessed with Arctic Zero ice cream, I currently have some coffee, strawberry and vanilla maple and they are all scrumptious and delicious ! Night time snack attack!

- Last but certainly not least Pumpkin everything, from my pumpkin nut butters, to pumpkin pudding mix, pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin candles, I just can’t get enough! In fact I fully intend on buying a new pumpkin good each week until we switch it to peppermint and gingerbread :)



Well I am off to work and then stuck at home all weekend because the Queen Bee Raja is staying with us this weekend! As if one puppy wasn’t enough time to conquer two! Have a great Friday everyone !


Birthday Celebrations !

There are so many things to be marvelous for on this Monday!

marvelous monday

Let’s start with the biggie for today, today is my 22nd birthday! Woohooo now I have reached real adult hood where theres not to much to look forward to as I get older and older. But hey that’s alright with me! One year older, one year wiser right!

photo 1Themes

Marvelous in My Monday is the most important news in my life of this post! For those of you who follow me on Instagram I’m sure you have seen already, since I am obsessed but I got a puppy! Meet Benny! He is a 9 week old golden retriever, english cream puppy! And he is now the center of my life! I have pretty much brought him everywhere I go, except for the soccer fields (they wouldn’t allow him) and work of course. But he is so cute, cuddly and wonderful! He was part of my birthday present and  I have to say he was totally worth the chunk of change I sacrificed for him! Can’t wait for him to be big enough to run, although I shouldn’t say that :)

photo 2

Marvelous in My Monday was my birthday party on Friday night. Although most of my friends weren’t able to make it and most of the people there were family and my parents friends I was so glad just to have people come out to celebrate with me! Although I was a horrible blogger and didn’t get to snap pictures of the food but we had mountains of shrimp, chicken, grilled veggies, zucchini pizza bites, spring rolls, potato slices, and a fruit and veggie plate! Although of course Benny was the star of the show !


Marvelous in My Monday was the Saturday puppy play date. My mom and I went up to see my sister and have a puppy play date with her dog Raja. For lunch we went to Harvest Pizza and they were greeted with water bowls. And here they are taking an after walk nap. Also since going gluten-free I had pizza for the first time in 3 years and I must say it was out of this world! I got a gluten free crust with tomato sauce, clams and garlic it was outrageously good I can’t wait to go back!


Marvelous in My Monday was my weekly soccer game! Once again such a fun time and I can’t forget to Whole Foods afterwards!

I had such an amazing and busy weekend, and must admit I can’t wait to get home and get to bed early (yes on my Birthday) but of course I have some evening activities to celebrate!

Have a great Monday everyone!

First Friday Favorites!

Ok so I have been wanting to do a Friday Favs post for awhile but for some reason I can just never get my act together to get the post done on time, or in others words when it comes to Friday I am just plain lazy! But this morning, due to some exciting events, which I will probably post later (its a secret right now anyways) I was up at 5:45 am spinning class and now I am laid out on my floor thinking up my favorites!

friday favs

Since it’s Friday and no one wants to read I will get right to it!

1. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, if not you can follow me here, you saw my picture from Wednesday, but these JCrew sunglasses I found at the JCrew Outlet! I just love, love, love them!


2. Um do I even need to say anything. This pumpkin spice coffee is the best way to celebrate Labor Day in my book. Click here to check out my pumpkin spice latte.


3. Creating my own nut butter! Obviously obsessed. If you missed my past two recipes check them out here and here.

IMG_1876  roasted peanut butter    pumpkin butter

4. Herbalife! This is such an amazing product. It has so many benefits for our everyday busy lives, because even if were busy we still need to take care of ourselves right! If you want to check it out head on over to my website here!


5. And last but certainly not least I got a new Kindle Fire HD this week and oh my goodness I am in love with it! It is portable and practically does everything a laptop does and only $139.00 for an 8gb!

kindleAnd one last thing I wanted to mention, if you haven’t seen Healthy Diva’s #selflove14 on Instagram, you should totally check it out! It’s all about choosing one thing each day for the month of September all about loving yourself, inside and out!

self love


Join The Community!

So I have been meaning to post this for quite some time now, but I recently became a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador! I was so excited to join the community that it really got me thinking about the health, fitness, and wellness blogging community. Before I became a blogger like many of you I began reading other blogs, most of you guys actually! I loved reading about your journeys and decided I wanted to become more a part of it. Yea I did start my blog for a school project purpose but if I am being completely honest I had been thinking about creating my own blog for some time.

girls gone sporty

Just by reading your blogs I became part of the community but I wanted my own space to share my advice and journey, not just in health and fitness but in life in general. At first I didn’t really feel the connection. But I have to tell you I am so glad I kept it up. Yea blogging with a job, and a social life can be kind of hard sometimes. Yea sometimes I honestly just don’t feel like writing anything or just don’t have anything to say in general, but there are times were I am so glad I haven’t given it up.

Blogging is a great space for many reasons. The main one I have found it support. Yea I haven’t met you guys in person (not yet anyways) but having your support and knowing if I have a bad day or need some advice I have a whole community to go to has helped in so many ways. Yes I have my family, but they can’t always relate to what I am going through or know what I am going through. Another great reason is accountability. I love posting my workouts on here and my accomplishments! It is a great way of making myself accountable and posting it helps me see that you know what I so a lot of work in the fitness side of life and taking days off here and there are not going to make me fall off the wagon! It is also a great place to share my interests with others who have the same love for it as me. This one I am specifically relating to my love for healthifying recipes and creating new combinations. I love that I can share them with you and you guys are just as excited about them as me!

To round this out I am so excited to be a part of the Girls Gone Sporty team! If you are a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador feel free to introduce yourself :) !

I am linking up with Amanda today for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Don’t forget to head on over to her page to check out others thoughts :)

Thinking Out Loud

WIAW Welcome To Fall

Hello lovely bloggers and fitness/foodie enthusiast! It is finally half way through the week, we have made it to WEDNESDAY! I must say my Tuesday was so full of traffic, work and another interview I wasn’t to sure I was going to make it! But I am glad I did because it is officially time for WIAW! To follow with the theme of the week (the beginning of fall just in case you missed it, or rather the introduction to the pumpkin spice everything!) I am featuring two amazing pumpkin spice recipes!

 fall WIAW

For those of you who missed last weeks WIAW, click here to check it out again I am following through with my newest obsession of nut butter creations! So you today we have pumpkin pudding spice cashew butter! And the second is a crowd favorite a pumpkin spice latte, minus all the calories! A homemade one starting with pumpkin pie coffee :)

Pumpkin Pudding Cashew Butter

1 cup raw chopped cashews

1 t pumpkin pie spice

1 t pumpkin spice pudding mix

2 T melted coconut oil

dash of sea salt

First preheat your oven to 325F, then lay your cashews out evenly on a pan


 Next step is to add this guy! Make them all nice and sticky


After that insert the cashews in the oven. This will take about 5-7 minutes, I like to keep an eye on them and stir them every few minutes.


Once they are done they should be a golden brown and you should be able to tell just by the aroma that they create.


Next add the pumpkin pie spice, sea salt and pumpkin spice pudding mix.


After this looks like the below you are ready to dump them into the blender. I like to blend them while they are still warm but not right out of the oven.


While these start the blending process I melt some coconut oil in the mircowave, you want this to be liquid.


Once the nuts look like the below picture (I use the pulse feature on my blender) you are ready to start adding in some coconut oil. This will vary but I have found a good solid 2 T usually works for me.


The nuts will then look like this (once I add coconut oil I switch the setting to puree), continue to scrap down the sides to make sure everything is incorporated.


Once you have reached the below picture or your desired consistency the nut butter is made !


Congratulations you have made a batch of pumpkin style cashew butter!


Pumpkin Spice Latte

1-2 cups coffee (I used 2 of course :))


½ t sugar free French vanilla creamer

4-5 drops stevia

1-2 T unsweetened vanilla almond milk


This is quick and simple. Brew your favorite coffee, while the coffee is brewing I stick the remaining ingredients in the bottom of my cup then pour the coffee on top and you don’t even need a stirrer :)


TYT: Herbalife

Hey guys! Do I have some news for you! So you should all know by now I am quite the poor little college student, with just a part time job and an on call job. Yes the job market is rough J So in order to earn some extra cash (although I have been thinking about this for awhile not relating to my money situation) I have decided to join the Herbalife team! Yes that’s right I have become a sales person, but luckily I chose this company because I truly believe that it can help you achieve some great health benefits!

herbalife logo

For those of you who don’t know Herbalife is a health and wellness company that specializes in products to help you live a happy and healthier life! Their products include a weight management line, sports nutrition line, a line to help with digestion, heart health, stress management, women’s & men’s line, kids line and even some beauty products put together in a line. At first I kind of thought oh great another nutritional shake just what we need but I have to say it really isn’t just a nutritional shake. If you don’t believe me head on over to and check out the list of scientist they have behind the operation to back them up! They have tons of research out there about their products and why you should maybe give them a try!


Although they do have many different lines their most popular is the weight management line. So let me guess you are thinking I don’t need to lose weight, but the weight management line is for more than just weight loss. You can use it to help you maintain weight, or even gain weight the choice is yours! What is so great about the nutritional shake is they don’t focus on just lowering your calories, but rather providing you with the daily vitamins and minerals your body is longing for. You can check out a nutritional label below but each nutritional shake provides you with 21 vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants! The main take aways from the shake are protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Fiber, Calcium and Vitamin A. What I love about the shakes are they taste like dessert but yet are packed with all these good things for our bodies and they only take about 5 minutes to create! Now you can’t really beat that!

Once last thing I wanted to bring up was the pricing. Yes the price may seem high at first but when you put into account how much one shake costs for one meal versus heading out to get a fast food lunch you will see by investing in the product it actually does save you money. The shake for one meal costs you a grand total of $1.64, that is versus at least the $4 bucks or more you are spending on that take out lunch. Just to give you an idea on money that can be saved.

Herbalife is a great product that has been around for over 30 years with so many great helpful ways to stay healthy! Since becoming apart of the herbalife team I can now aid you guys in trying it out! If you are interested in trying it out or if you are interested in learning more about it e-mail me at!

I am linking up with Becky over at Olives n’ Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday. I know I sure am treating myself to some delicious smoothies and more from Herbalife! Treat Yourself too :)

treat yourself tuesday